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New Year's Honours 2017

Published: Monday, 2nd January 2017

On the 31st December, the Lord-Lieutenant, Lt Col Patrick Holcroft, was delighted to be able to congratulate ten Worcestershire residents on receiving a national award in the New Year's Honours list.

The Honours recognise the achievements of individuals locally and nationally and this year Worcestershire can count two Paralympic Gold medallists amongst the recipients, as well as those who have provided services to health, young people, education and the environment.

The full list of Worcestershire recipients is:


Ms Rosalind Alstead

Services to Nursing


Mrs Jacqueline Banks

Services to communities and flood risk

Miss Diane Bennett

Services to young people in Evesham

Ms Claire Cashmore

Services to Swimming

Dr David Hegarty

Services to Primary Care

Miss Lauren Rowles

Services to Rowing

Mr Charles Talbot

Services to the community in Kidderminster

Mrs Susan Wilkinson

Services to Education


Mrs Miriam Harvey

Services to Heritage & Tourism

Ms Janet Scrine

Services to Local roadside heritage

About the Honours system

The honours system recognises people who have made a significant impact in what they do, either through achievements in public life or by committing themselves to serving and helping Britain. They will have usually have made life better for other people and/ or be outstanding at what they do
To nominate someone for an award, please follow this link:

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